Bible Reading – John 6:26 because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled

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John 6:26
"Jesus answered them and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled."

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The people came to look for Jesus as not because of the desire to seek him. But rather because they wanted to see more miracles from him. Especially after the amazing miracle of the feeding of the thousands with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes.

What is the reason or motivation for us to come to Jesus?


Bible Reading – John 6:25 – when camest thou hither?

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John 6:25
"And when they had found him on the other side of the sea, they said unto him, Rabbi, when camest thou hither?"

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This was asked because they were surprised at how did he cross the sea as there were no more shops to bring them there! Thus the question from where did u came from?!

Its just like you are on holiday overseas withoit your children and suddenly they appeared in front of you. Surely you’d all the same too.

Where did u came from?

No Not One

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I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. – Matthew 9:13

It has been 70 days since I discovered I was going down the slippery slopes of depression, and by God’s grace pulled myself together, and to snap out of it. Life has gone back to the usual, not that I am extra happy, but rather, the effects of depression is slowly waning off by being me, and looking to Jesus my Lord and Savior as encouragement.

And as I write about Jesus, this hymn comes to mind:

  1. There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus,
    No, not one! No, not one!
    None else could heal all our soul’s diseases,
    No, not one! No, not one!

    • Refrain:
      Jesus knows all about our struggles,
      He will guide till the day is done;
      There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus,
      No, not one! No, not one!
  2. No friend like Him is so high and holy,
    No, not one! No, not one!
    And yet no friend is so meek and lowly,
    No, not one! No, not one!
  3. There’s not an hour that He is not near us,
    No, not one! No, not one!
    No night so dark but His love can cheer us,
    No, not one! No, not one!
  4. Did ever saint find this Friend forsake him?
    No, not one! No, not one!
    Or sinner find that He would not take him?
    No, not one! No, not one!
  5. Was e’er a gift like the Savior given?
    No, not one! No, not one!
    Will He refuse us a home in heaven?
    No, not one! No, not one!

Do you know of someone like this? No, not one have I ever encounter before except Jesus.




Depression – steps to recovery day 1

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I felt wonderful today to know that I’ve fallen into the slippery steps of depression. Which means I need to take extra steps to be careful and rewire my mind set to consciously look at the right side and positive and look at the best perceptive of something or someone.

The first I thing I did was to inform my old pal which I knew from young. Who was also there when I had the most severe bout of my depression in the army.

Next I met my trusted colleague and shared with him why I’ve been so negative and irritated and upset.

Some may advises me to visit a doc. I’ve seen one before in my army days. I gave up. And that was the most severe of my depression.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think the psychiatrist or whatever you call it is doing his job. But all he does is listen to you, and give you some drugs and MC. MC was the worst as it made my army mates to mock me and just at me. Not the best thing to do to someone who is depressed.

So yup! I felt awesome today. 🙂

Day 1 of recovery as of Feb 23 2018.

First Initial steps to depression recovery.

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First Initial steps to depression recovery.

The first and most important step to depression recovery for me was to recognize oneself is already in a state of depression. The problem with depression is that one does not realize the entrance down the slippery slope has started. It may feel like just another day, another day of boredom, of frustrations, of impatience, of being upset, of being angry, of being wanting to be alone, and the list goes on. It does not just happen overnight. It is gradual. Some more quickly than others, some slower.

I think there are some very obvious tell tale signs where one is falling or in a state of depression.

Trouble concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions
Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness
Pessimism and hopelessness
Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or sleeping too much
Loss of interest in things once pleasurable, including sex
Overeating, or appetite loss
Aches, pains, headaches, or cramps that won’t go away
Digestive problems that don’t get better, even with treatment
Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings
Suicidal thoughts or attempts

(above list taken from

It took an ex colleague of mind who took his life to make me realize, perhaps I was in depression too, and thoughts of ending my life comes frequently. However, being a Christian, I know this life is not mine, but Christ. Thoughts of the consequences and the pain from my love ones if I did so, stopped me.

So yes, the very first step to depression recovery is to recognize one has it.

Christian Depression does happens

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I think I have 3 episodes of my life I had depression? I have no idea what triggered it. And I need to find it to avoid it. With the recurrence, being the 3rd time, I think I can recognize when I’m falling into depression.

1996, 2009, 2018. It was easy to recognize for me because it follows a similar pattern. And with this online diary. I can trace back easily.

Depression is just like parallel to Power of Love by Huey Lewis?

The power of depression is a curious thing
Make a one man weep, make another man sing
Change a heart to a little white dove
More than a feeling, that’s the power of depression

Tougher than diamonds, whips like cream
Stronger and harder than a bad girls dream
Make a bad one good, mmm make a wrong right
Power of depression will keep you home at night

Don’t need money, don’t take fame
Don’t need no credit card to ride this train
It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes
But it might just end your life
That’s the power of depression
That’s the power of depression

First time you feed it might make you sad
Next time you feed it might make you mad
But you’ll be glad baby when you’ve found
That’s the power that makes the world go round

Don’t need money, don’t take fame
Don’t need no credit card to ride this train
It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes
But it might just end your life

They say that all in depression is fair
Yeah but you don’t care
But you know what to do
When it gets hold of you
And with no little help from above
You feel the power of depression
You feel the power of depression
Can you feel it?

Don’t take money, don’t take fame
Don’t need no credit card to ride this train
Tougher than diamonds and stronger than steel
You won’t feel it until you feel
You feel the power, feel the power of depression
That’s the power, that’s the power of depression
You feel the power of depression
You feel the power of depression
You feel the power of depression

Please get help. Even Christians ppl who love God and fear God, actively serving God do fall into depression.

Elijah was a classic example who was depressed. Immediately after a victory over the false prophets. He fled. He ask God to take his life.

Elijah in Depression 1 Kings (19:4, 10, 14)

Please recall the hymns of encouragement to carry us through. Some goes though my mind now.

  1. Softly and Tenderly Jesus is calling
  2. He will take care of you
  3. Jesus is a wonderful Saviour
  4. Our God is far greater
  5. How firm a foundation
  6. Burdens are lifted
  7. God will make a way
  8. Trust and Obey
  9. Nearer still nearer
  10. But continue thou


Make it 5 times. Once when I was much younger and I ran away from home. Another was going thru my O levels.

Next was when I shyed away from everyone and decided to escape to a place alone and start anew in Poly. Sadly I could not make it through my 2nd year, repeated and I just walked out of it and joined army. And that’s when my depression got worse.

Ok. So it seems I’m born with a crazy depressive mind then. Just a short note for myself so I can refer back in future.

Jim Elliot

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Sunday 2017.6.26 I had the opportunity to share the story of Jim Elliot to the JWS children at church. The commitment and conviction of Jim Elliot’s life and his 4 missionary friend to God and towards the native of the savage Aucas in the Ecuador jungle changed the life the tribe forever. No doubt they, all 5 missionaries, were savagely speared and machete to death, their non retaliation for self defense left a bitter note towards the fearsome warriors of aucas. God used their selfless defenseless act to open the way for the latter folks who were the killed missionaries spouses and sisters to live among them, and minister to the aucas.

Jim Elliot, a missionary who made contact with the savage Aucas in Ecuador. He is an evangelical Christian who was one of five missionaries killed while participating in Operation Auca, an attempt to evangelize the Huaorani people of Ecuador. In return, God honoured them through their wives who gave the gospel of Jesus to the tribes.