Medan Trip

I echo Sonny’s feedback. Indeed thank God for the AFers who had arranged for this mission trip during the school holidays, which allowed my children and my wife Amy to be available to join in. Thank God too for the keenness of my wife and the children who were excited for this mission trip, especially when I specifically highlighted it’s a working trip for Jesus, conducting VBS, sharing the gospel, not a leisure holiday trip.

To the AF team, I am grateful for allowing myself and family, including graciously allowing the 6 youths to and my 2 young child to come along too which is definitely a tremendous liability, logistics overhead from transport, and daily necessity perspective.

The trip Christian fellowship had allowed us to foster closer relationships with the AFers, and also to the every cheerful joyful singing youths. In fact from this trip, we are motivated to branch out individual mission trips on our own, as we hear of the testimony of the AFers who had numerous mission experience since their youth days. Thank God for the youths who had set aside time and personal commitments to be part of the Medan trip.

Personally, I am grateful to God too for allowing compliance absence from work, especially when it was a major implementation of 11 countries covering over that weekend, The actual implementation was meant to be the week prior but was postponed by a week. I have shared with my superior that I will be in touch via mails and calls where possible, however all working network was down for me, guess I am reminded to be focus on the gospel work at hand.

The whole family was also down sick on the week leading up to the mission trip, each sequentially down with bad cough and fever, my youngest boy was absent from school the whole week, finally to my wife just prior the trip. Thank God for restoring everyone to good health. I had a cut too on my finger while preparing the craft, thankfully not deep enough to cause any serious issues.

It was good to meet up with Rev Harposan, which is of a tremendous difference when we pray for someone and now to meet the person personally.

The experience with Harposan’s students from Primary and Secondary have left a lasting pleasant impression especially their friendly cheerful outlook and the amazing singing, wish I had more time with them without the language barrier, which implies I need to brush up on my Malay and Bahasa language!

The ministry and fellowship with the Blind Folks is also very meaningful, especially so since we do not come into contact with such folks on a regular basis back in Singapore. It reminds me of everyone is precious to God and needs to know the gospel of Jesus regardless and that we need to make extra effort to reach out to them.

The constant kind and patient sharing from Ibu Roska had also left deep impression in my mind, to share a few:

  1. Always have a few verses in my mind for gospel sharing such as Jn 3:16, Jn 19:30, Gal 2:20
  2. Honest direct questioning to the children and making sure they understand with realistic questions.
  3. The biggest jam is between our head and our heart.
  4. Singing everywhere we go
  5. Being creative with the games

The preparation of the craft, the VBS Message, and the devotion have also allowed me to meditate on God’s words, including learning of new songs not just myself but for the entire family.

This is a very valuable mission trip for me personally and I am very thankful and grateful to God, the AFers and Roska for extending the hospitality.

Puji Tuhan!

~ by ymsim on 2015/03/30.

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