Luke 1:5–10


A Good Example

Luke 1:6

And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and

ordinances of the Lord blameless.

At the beginning of Luke’s gospel, we are introduced

to an old couple, the priest Zachariah and his

wife Elisabeth. Both were from the priestly tribe in

accordance with God’s Levitical law [Leviticus 21:14,

2 Corinthians 6:14]. They lived holy lives and walked

in all the commandments of the Lord. Such were

their lives that no accusation could be justly brought

against them by an often accusing world. Though not

sinless, they were blameless in the eyes of men, and

righteous in the sight of God.

However, they were childless, for Elisabeth was

barren and to the Jews, a woman’s infertility was often

regarded as a sign of divine reproach. Yet unknown to

them, the higher plan of the sovereign God was about

to unfold. Zachariah, in the meanwhile, continued

faithfully in his service, for according to the lot taken,

he had been selected for the rare and high honour of

burning incense at the tabernacle altar. An encounter

was about to take place there that would set in motion

the greatest event in the history of mankind.

Let us emulate the example of this couple. Let us

obey and observe all of God’s prescription without

prevarication. Through faith in Christ, we will attain

righteousness in God’s sight. But let us prove our faith

true, by our obedience to His Word, being blameless

in conduct and faithful in service, availing ourselves

to God and trusting Him. We do not know how He

will use us or when. An encounter may be about to

take place in our lives too.

Thought God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to

perform. – W. Cowper


Today’s section allowed me to consider and draw some parallelism to my current experience.

A woman’s infertility or lack of child bearing capability… this is the section that I would like to draw the parallelism to: what is your lack of?

It could be a lack of wisdom, academic means, health, limps, etc..

Would this cause you to be sour, or bitter towards God? What can we learn from here in the example of Zachariah and Elisabeth?

Perhaps “Yet unknown to them [us], the higher plan of the sovereign God was about to unfold.”

Are you waiting on the LORD, and continuing to be faithful in his service till the time God calls us into his ministry, not just a specific ministry but any service that will contribute into the body of Christ.

This is a good reminder for me personally especially when one has a less than positive impression of oneself, no one is infertile to God except for a divine purpose.


~ by ymsim on 2015/01/07.

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