There are many miserable Christians out there. Rather than condemning that they are unbecoming and lousy examples of a born again believer, what are you doing as a brother in Christ to encourage them? Throughout the bible, there are terrible down time for these fellow brothers.

Jesus collapsed and sweat beads of blood at garden of Gethsamane, a terrible symptom of distress. King David committed adultery and was grieved and he’s son died, fruit from an adulteress affair. Solomon felt all was vanity. Elijah felt he was the only prophet left, he cried to God let him die. Moses would rather die that face the crowd. Samson got his life all screwed and finally got imprisoned by his enemies before having his eyes gouged out. Jacob the deceiver, he was good at it. Abraham the sister liar. Sarah the deal breaker. Whole lot more. Does this make them any less worthy before God?

There is a Christian out there who is drowning out his sorrows and anxiety with alcohol. Would you go out to encourage him or condemn him for being a poor testimony?

There is a Christian out there who feels so helpless that he wants to jump off the 27th floor. Will u condemn him to he’ll or would you encourage and listen to his difficulties?

Did God sent you to be a salt of the earth or as sword of the earth to kill with your words?

More often than not, the most cruel people out there are people who are well versed with the bible to condemn with.

Not sure if you are an angel from God or ….

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~ by ymsim on 2013/02/28.

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