Salvation for all mankind

Salvation for all mankind

While Peter was praying, God gave him a vision of abundant food and invited him to eat. It included food that the Jewish law forbade Jews to eat [Leviticus 11]. Peter refused but God assured him nothing was impure if God had made them clean. Just as the vision concluded, three Gentiles arrived at the gate and asked for Peter. God wanted to use the vision to reveal to Peter that he should not see the Gentiles as impure and discriminate against them in his outreach, as God’s salvation was for all mankind [Luke 3:6]. (Exerpt from Daily Manna from Rev Isaac Ong, Calvary Juring BP Church)

Ever felt unsure if salvation belonged only to the Jews? Or to the whole world? From the beginning of the bible, God had made a promise to Abraham. Genesis 22:18 (KJV), And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. We can find no other assurance than from God’s word itself. Today’s bible reading text was from Acts 10:1-23 which accounted for the meetup between Cornelius, a Gentile, and Peter, a Jew.

Aren’t you glad to be part of God’s salvation plan?


~ by ymsim on 2012/07/14.

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