Luke 4:9 (KJV)
[9] And he brought him to Jerusalem, and set him on a pinnacle of the temple, and said unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down from hence:

Suicide is probably one of the oldest trick up his sleeve to destroy God’s creation… Mankind. He tempted God himself to suicide so that all manner of Salvation planned through Jesus will be over. Surely Jesus knows all the pain and suffering he’d go through. Yet, he retorted the devil from the scriptures. For us Christian, is suicide in our mind? Are we so disappointed that we feel there is no way out? So frustrated that death is the only exit? Many will continue to rant at the suicide victim as selfish, as uncaring, leaving behind a huge liability to the ones who are alive. But have we considered what is going through the mind of a suicidal person? It’s self murder. It does not happen instantly. It’s planned. Even for several minutes of planning, it’s planned. Suicide is never an accident, it’s a planned death.

Will Christians fall prey even to this old trick of the devil? Why not? May God keep us from temptations, and to continue encourage us in his word.

People need the LORD.

~ by ymsim on 2011/05/19.

One Response to “Suicide”

  1. I was just considering it rather role play what may have happened in a suicide for those who are still alive. 

    Love Ones:
    1. They will be devastated. They now become the victim of a death. 
    2. They will suffer because they lost a bread winner. 
    3. The children will have lost a father forever even before God’s timing. 
    4. The mother will now need to work harder in and out of home. 
    5. Mum loses the luxury
    6. The children will miss your hugs and story telling
    7. The children can never share with you ever again about their joy, and encounters. 
    8. The children can never hug you again. 
    9. Matter of fact, they’ll never forget you as you’ve been part of their life. 
    10. The children will be worst off than the rest due to a lack of father for guidance generally speaking. 

    In a negative sense:
    1. They’ll hate you for what you did. 
    2. You’ve left them for themselves. 
    3. Selfish. 
    4. Unthoughtful. 
    5. Stupid. 
    6. Increased costs due to your death. Funeral, Coffin, etc. 
    7. Pity? Maybe. It’s usually anger. 

    What do you leave behind for your friends?
    1. Example of stupidity. 
    2. They’ll laugh and mock and you. 
    3. They’ll forget about you. 
    4. Nobody will ever misses you. 
    5. Perhaps a good time of gathering at your funeral. 

    Seriously, suicide is a bad stuff, spawned from the depths of hell. Don’t be deceived by the devil. 

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