Bad Christian

Bad Christian.

Are there really such a term? Or would it be better to label as a non Christian? Can a Christian be bad? I’d say it’s possible. Out of sheer ignorance and hard hearted. Does it mean then that the person is not saved?

Let’s have an analogy. What if I’m a hardcore smoker, gamer, alcoholic, swearer, you name it. I was told of Jesus that I need him as my personal savior. I believed. You see an immediate change in his life. He is suddenly aware of his behavior. He has toned down, you can see he is struggling to change and to please Christ. He is miserable as he felt he’s a bad Christian as he is in no way close to what the bible describe of an ideal Christian which usually quotes as Jesus, King David, Samuel, Paul, the apostles, etc. Ever so often, we see a little of his past self creeps in. He used to be fervent in prayer and bible reading, but have slackened and have gone back to gaming. Does it means he is not saved and not born again? As we went down this line of analogy, it’s known as back sliden. It’s like a car going uphill, and gradually sliding downhill again. Does it mean the car is not on the hill? Can I equate the hill as Jesus? Once you believed in Jesus, you are already transferred to the hill of Christ.

I think the very fact that that person felt miserable shows he’s saved and the work of the Holy Spirit. He’s struggling between the conviction of the Holy Spirit to live a good testimony for Christ, and the condemnation of the devil. An unsaved person will have no qualms or struggle at all to live so unlike of Christ. So the keyword here is struggle. The saved person will always feels guilty and come back to Christ, vs another who have no qualms at all to stay away from Christ.

The article of Salvation Assurance was made simple. I tend to agree.


~ by ymsim on 2011/04/06.

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