Prayer Meetings

Do you go to your church weekly prayer meeting? I know my dad does it weekly for almost 2 years straight. I did it for some months, and I must testify that I’ve been blessed in various ways namely:
1. Dedicated time to pray
2. Get to know more people
3. Updated with church members happenings
4. Exhortations
5. Singing of Hymns
6. Peoples thanksgiving and prayer requests.

But, if I’ve been blessed before, why am I not going regularly? Time is the problem. Of course many people will say time is an excuse. I kind of love and hate such people. I love them for they remember you and encourage you to spend time in corporate prayer. I hate it because they make it sound like you are making a grievous mistake for not getting involved. No, I do not mean hate literally, as I’m sure they meant well. It’s either time for my family or time in church. For some, the church choice is obvious, for me, I think I need that time to spend with the family.

Does that make me a lesser Christian since prayer meeting is not my priority? Are we going along a legalistic view here now?


~ by ymsim on 2011/04/04.

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