John 15:7 was shared by Isaac Ong to us during our 1st day of Ezra and Nehemiah Bible Study class. The verse has conditions, or rather logical deduction.

1. IF ye abide in me
2. AND my words abide in me
3. THEN ye shall ask what ye will, AND it shall be done unto you.

Very computer like logic isn’t it? #3 has other conditions attached from other verses if I recall, that is if ye ask in God’s will. So don’t go asking for lottery numbers. Then again, if #1 and #2 is true, very likely, we won’t be asking for ungodly but instead God’s will to be done.

If I can use a para-example.
An Apple Iphone user, will always look for things that fit his iPhone needs. He won’t be asking for Nokia for his iPhone.
A Nikon camera user will look for Nikon lens that fits. He won’t look for things that does not fit.
Similarly, a person abiding in Christ, and Christ words abiding in him, he will not be looking for things that is out of scope of Christ.
Whatever he asked for, will surely be within Christ, and it will be done (given) unto him.

Logical isn’t it?


~ by ymsim on 2011/01/06.

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