Everybody loves praises. For those who for unknown reasons, don’t get much on earth. Do not fret, remain faithful to Jesus. At the end of the earthly pilgrimage, there’s no greater praise than the praise from our Lord Jesus Christ himself “well done thou good and faithful servant”.

This is interesting. Another thought comes into my mind. Folks who seek praises reminds me of the Pharisees who prays in the street to be recognized by men. Yet Jesus says, go into your closet to pray in private. Those who pray publicly have gotten their rewards, praises of men. While those who pray in private, he will God reward openly.

Can this be related to our Christian walk in Christ. How some of us yearn for praises of men? There’s nothing wrong in that, however coveting for praises is bad. Seek God’s approval and praise instead. That should be more gratifying. And how do we know what God will praise us on? God never changes like our fashion or trends. So he’s criteria of praise will never change. This can be something I can meditate on. Men’s praise or God’s praise? This does not mean we go about pissing people off either.

If Christ deserves all praises, why do we want any praises to ourselves at all? Self centered?



~ by ymsim on 2010/12/09.

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