Stages of Life

I wonder…

Yes, it applies to spiritual life too.
This reminds me of the phrase “created in the image of God” Gen 1:26. It’s a no wonder our Human Life can be likened to our Spiritual Life, it is a mirror(image) of God.

-3) Impregnating
-2) Conception
-1) Germinating
0) Birth
+1) Infancy
+2) Youth
+3) Matured Adult

Each of these phases, what can you think of and how it can be applied?

Dictionary defination of each of these stages:
-3) Impregnating – to make pregnant; get with child or young.
-2) Conception – fertilization; inception of pregnancy.
-1) Germinating – to begin to grow or develop.
0) Birth – to come into the real world
+1) Infancy – very early childhood, usually the period before being able to walk; babyhood.
+2) Youth – the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit
+3) Matured Adult – having attained full size and strength; grown up; mature: an adult person, animal, or plant.

Or let’s use the imagery of planting a tree which can be used to illustrate to children who have no idea of human life.

-3) Tilling the soil
-2) Planting the seed
-1) Care of the seed
0) Sprouting of new plant
+1) Young green plant
+2) Growing tree, bigger, stronger
+3) Matured tree, bearing and fruits and reproducing


~ by ymsim on 2010/11/19.

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