Knowing God better

How can I get to know God better?

Let’s face it, there are many kind of people in the world. Some can be uber passionate or lackluster somewhere in between about something.
My thought today is on God, how is your attitude towards God? Or more specifically towards bible reading? I know many times we hear the preacher screaming from the pulpit preaching the word of God passionately about PRAY without Ceasing! Read the Bible! The best bible is a well read bible. Does all these affects our salvation? Can I be saved and not be interested in the bible? Can I be save and never have regular communication with God… prayer? Or more specifically, can I be saved and just wait for someone to feed me more about God from Sunday sermons, from preachers, from bible study groups, from fellowship groups? From … you name it.

How about person who is un-educated and have no means to read or understand the bible? Are you?
How about in the past where bible is not readily available so many people had to rely on the priest to read the scripture?

Change of perspective..
How about stop taking bus, train, cars, planes, and live in the olden days where transport is all by foot, or perhaps with a horse to get to a destination?

Somehow, I felt reading the bible is akin to reaching a destination.


~ by ymsim on 2010/11/19.

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