Defeated Christian. Everybody wants to be Victorious, who wants to be defeated? But what if I’m lackluster towards victory or defeat? It doesn’t mean anything to me at all?
The bible cited the following conditions to be saved.
1. Believe!

That’s it! Is that it?

Several other warning verses comes to mind which appears to contradict “Believe” alone?
1. John 3 reborn
2. Examine yourselfs
3. Faith and Works
4. John 14:6 Love me, keep my commandments
5. Fruit of Spirit Gal 5:22
6. Lukewarm, I’ll spew thee out – Revelations
7. Matthew 7:21 – Goat and Sheep
8. Great Commission – Last verse of Matthew
9. Communication with God – Pray without Ceasing
10. Study His word – Study to show thyself approved unto God…
11. Sheep hear his voice, and will follow(Obey) him.
12. Confess me(Jesus), him also I confess before Father.
13. Be holy for I’m holy
14. Seperated.
15. Clothed, Feed, Provide place to stay for Jesus
16. Ten Commandments

Is there different standards for different people? Or does standards change as we grow day to day from the day we believe Jesus? I’m happy to be stunted and not grow in Christ. I’m happy to be a “hippy” Christian, I do not want to be a “puritan”. I want to play my wii, PS3, XBOX, online gaming, WOW, enjoy all the “nice” magazines, etc.. do all the stuffs I enjoy except knowing God more. I’m saved anyway, I do not need to know more about God. My requirements are met… I BELIEVED. Period. I’ve met the bare requirements. I’m saved. Period.

I’m trying to understand, is this the “morale” behaviour of a Christian or a “requirement” to be a Christian.
Let me draw an illustration, a parent, it does not matter whether you are good or bad, you are still a parent by virtue you have children.
Yes.. one can be even a child abuser, but his status as a parent does not change.

So does that mean I can be a “hippy” Christian and do whatever I like? Just so because I believe?

Biblical repentance means coming to God through Jesus Christ. Yes, I’ve believe on Jesus, do I need to make him Lord of my life?
Which part of the bible says I need to have him Lord of my life?

The bible simply said Believe! So is there another Biblical meaning to believe just as there is a biblical meaning to repentance?
What is the biblical meaning to believe?

A verse comes into my mind here…
Rom 14:5 “One man esteemeth one day above the other; another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.”

~ by ymsim on 2010/11/19.

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