Answered Prayers

Prayer Answered Stock Taking

Prayer for Self
1. Wake up early target 1730h for Devotion and Bible reading. YES!
2. To complete the bible in a year… almost! Reached Amos.
3. Prayer to lead in bible study. Yes!

God Answered Prayers for MIL
1. We prayed for rest
Mum was hospitalized

2. We prayed for her rest.
She rested 5 days in ICU, totally

3. We prayed that her agony will be eased.
She forgot all about the pain and what she went through during her stay in ICU.

4. We prayed that she will be comforted in B2 ward.
She went straight to ICU, and had the best focal attention.
After 6 days, she was transferred to A class ward, but charged B2 price due to special needs avail only in A grade.

5. We prayed that she will be out of ICU soon
After prayer meeting on 2/11/2010 around midnight, she was transferred out of ICU

6. We prayed that she will make progress in her Water Dialysis
In ICU, she did blood dialysis instead, so spared the agony of 4 times a dat water dialysis.

God Answered Prayer for Uncle Benjamin
He had an appointment on 2/11, initially he declined, but on the morning itself, he agreed to go along.

God answered prayer for Grandma
1. We prayed for improvement on her condition of infected skin. Saw the doctor, several days later, fully healed!
2. We prayed that she’d agree to go to church with us, she came!
Oct 10,17,24, and also Oct 30 Isaac FEK concert in Church.

God answered prayer for Isaac
We prayed that Isaac will have more interactions. Now Isaac does
1. Bye Bye
2. Funny face
3. Laugh when asked
4. Cry when asked
5. Flying kisses
6. iPod
7. Open
8. Open door

~ by ymsim on 2010/11/19.

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