Salvation without transformation evidence

Christina Thomas ‎…if we are comfortable in our sin, there is no conviction, where there is no conviction, there is no shame, therefore, no humility, therefore no repentance, therefore no transformation, therefore no salvation
.. (extracted from a letter to a dear friend of mine)

Christina Thomas…the gospel is what it is. most ppl are offended when they are presented with the reality of their sin, which, by the way cannot be avoided in subject when sharing the gospel, because thats why the news is so good… He died for our sins! :)… and, well, conviction comes from the Holy Spirit, and if the person talking has the Holy Spirit working through them, its gonna pierce, it doesnt feel good. before we feel peace, and forgiveness of the Lord, first must come the feeling of shame and humility. i refer to watered down “gospel” as sugar coated, because no matter what u say, its said in a manner that the person is in no way offended or uncomfortable… and sin is something to feel very uncomfortable with, ya know.See More

~ Couldn’t agree more.


~ by ymsim on 2010/10/22.

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