Define Interest

Define Interest.
1. having an interest in something; concerned: Interested members will meet at noon.
2. having the attention or curiosity engaged: an interested spectator.
3. characterized by a feeling of interest.
4. influenced by personal or selfish motives: an interested witness.
5. participating; having an interest or share; having money involved.

in•ter•est•ed adj
Definition of INTERESTED
1: having the attention engaged
2: being affected or involved
— in•ter•est•ed•ly adverb

Doesn’t matter what people says. The defination and characteristics of interest is defined and the subject shows characteristics of interest. People can say whatever they want. Fact vs story. One man’s interest is another man’s trash.

Do you have any interest? If yes, do you exhibit any interest behaviour? Put emotions aside as different people have different capacity of emotions and controls. More interestingly, is the characteristics generated by the interest.

Knowing and retaining does not mean interest, it just exhibit retentive memory.
Knowing and retaining from a person who is known for poor retentive memory clearly shows interest.


~ by ymsim on 2010/10/15.

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