Answer him not

Read Isa 36 today for daily devotions. The verse that stood out to me was Isa 36:21 … Answer him not. Interestingly, this is the same verse that FB Meyer talks about in todays devotion.

How did this verse caught my attention? A friend of mind posted some blasphemous article about the Ten Commandments and insulting God. I did not know what to do. To retort, to correct? Finally, I decided keeping my peace is probably the best option. I know his character. He will argue and debate till the cow comes home. “Don’t throw the pearls before the swine”. Yet this simple three words is very userful. “Answer him not”. Keep silence.

From FB Meyer:
Silence is our best reply to the allegations and taunts of our foes. Be still, O persecuted soul! Hand over thy cause to God. It is useless to argue, even in many cases to give explanations. Be still, and commit thy cause to God. He has heard every word, and will answer. Thus Jesus also held His peace, when falsely accused:—

“He stood alone,
Silent amidst their clamour — He whose voice
Of power but late suffic’d to ope the grave!
‘Others He saved — Himself He cannot save!’
O mystic silence! how divine thy choice.”

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~ by ymsim on 2010/09/01.

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