Family Happiness

A family’s happiness begins with filial piety.

There is really nothing wrong with above sentence except I felt something is missing. In fact I felt the statement to be absolutely true! But not all truths are complete. By the way, that statement was from a non-Christian, so obviously the element of Christ is missing from the happiness. It reminds me of the song..

Happiness is the Lord

Psalm 144:15
“… yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.”

Happiness is to know the Savior,
Living a life within His favor,
Having a change in my behavior,
Happiness is the Lord.

Happiness is a new creation,
Jesus and me in close relation,
Having a part in His salvation,
Happiness is the Lord.

Real joy is mine, no matter if teardrops start;
I’ve found the secret, it’s Jesus in my heart!

Happiness is to be forgiven,
Living a life that’s worth the living,
Taking a trip that leads to Heaven,
Happiness is the Lord,
Happiness is the Lord,
Happiness is the Lord!

To God be the glory, Amen.


~ by ymsim on 2010/08/05.

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