Israel Judah Kings

Just a note on the Kings of Israel and Judah.


Jeroboam, bad, 930-909 BC
Nadab, bad, 909-908 BC
Baasha, bad, 908-886 BC
Elah, bad, 886-885 BC
Zimri, bad, 885 BC
Tibni, bad, 885-880 BC
Omri (overlap), extra bad, 885-874 BC
Ahab, the worst, 874-853 BC
Ahaziah, bad, 853-852 BC
Joram, bad mostly, 852-841 BC
Jehu, not good but better than the rest, 841-814 BC
Jehoahaz, bad, 814-798 BC
Joash, bad, 798-782 BC
Jeroboam II (overlap), bad, 793-753 BC
Zechariah, bad, 753 BC
Shallum, bad, 752 BC
Menahem, bad, 752-742 BC
Pekahiah, bad, 742-740 BC
Pekah (overlap), bad, 752-732 BC
Hoshea, bad, 732-722 BC


Rehoboam, bad mostly, 933-916 BC
Abijah, bad mostly, 915-913 BC
Asa, GOOD, 912-872 BC
Jehoshaphat, GOOD, 874-850 BC
Jehoram, bad, 850-843 BC
Ahaziah, bad, 843 BC
Athaliah, devilish, 843-837 BC
Joash, good mostly, 843-803 BC
Amaziah, good mostly, 803-775 BC
Uzziah, GOOD mostly, 787-735 BC
Jotham, GOOD, 749-734 BC
Ahaz, wicked, 741-726 BC
Hezekiah, THE BEST, 726-697 BC
Manasseh, the worst, 697-642 BC
Amon, the worst, 641-640 BC
Josiah, THE BEST, 639-608 BC
Jehoahaz, bad, 608 BC
Jehoiakim, wicked, 608-597 BC
Jehoiachin, bad, 597 BC
Zedekiah, bad, 597-586 BC


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