Communion Hymn (St Hilda)

Interesting. Could not locate the words of this hymn anywhere on google. So I had to copy it from my hymn book.

Communion Hymn
Thy body, blessed Jesus, was broken for our sin;
Thy blood divine in payment Thou didst pour out for men;
And tho’ these sacred symbols No saving grace afford,
By them we now remember Thy saving death O Lord.

We bow in preparation, For sin we search our hearts,
Forsaking each transgressions, As God his light imparts;
We take the cup in rev’rence, And new commitment make,
To cast out every idol, And live for Jesus sake

God’s son was slain by sinners – We tremble at the thought!
But e’en for those who slew Him Forgiving prayer was wrought.
Such grace! We view and marvel, Rejoicing o’er and o’er,
That there, tho’sin abounded, His grace abounded more.

And now our Lord is risen, Ascended now on high,
Yet from His throne exalted, He hears the sinner’s cry;
He comes before the Father, New mercies now to plead;
His infinite atonement Shall ever intercede.

Rejoice, our Bridegroom cometh! O Christian, haste the day
When he appears in splendor To catch his bride away!
We’ll sit at Jesus’ table, Behold His face, so fair,
And with our King in glory, This feast anew we’ll share.


~ by ymsim on 2010/05/02.

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  2. Author: Peter Davis, b. 1962
    Musician: Justin H. Knecht, 1752-1817
    Edward Husband, 1843-1908

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