2010 Airshow, ticket to heaven

It has come to a point whereby almost everything I encounter appears to have some relation to our journey with Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.
Today, our family went to the 2010 airshow. Gosh, it was a tremendous crowd, but it was a smooth uneventful trip. What struck me was we are foing to drive to the airshow.
However, we were not certain with the rules. So we double checked, the rules clearly stated, no Pass, no parking at the airshow. Need to park ar Changi Airport Terminal 2 or 3 and hop onto the shuttle bus. Myself, as I was driving, so I could not read the rules, suggested how about driving there and see what happens?

Thank God my wife read the instructions, and informed me of the correct procedures. It was a smooth journey to our destination thereafter.
This is so much like our journey to heaven is it not? The rules are clearly stated, only through Jesus Christ. No other way. If you thought you could try? Unfortunately, in our journey of life, there is no second chance. Once it’s a missed boat, it’s a missed boat. It’s either heaven or hell.

Does our ignorance void us of no requiring to comply with the rules laid down at the airshow for parking? Nope. Ignorance or not, no pass, no entry.
Similarly, our ignorance will not guarantee us a pass in heaven. Everbody need to know the pass to heaven.

Have you revieved your pass to heaven yet?


~ by ymsim on 2010/02/06.

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