Practical Faith

It’s me again. There are so many things going through my mind, I wish there are some guidance or answers immediately. lol! nah.. Patience is a virtue. Wait on God. Yes wait.
But how long? Does faith means just having faith and doing nothing on our part? I do not understand faith from that sense. My concept and understanding of faith is kind of like practical! Meaning you pray to God for mercy and healing of a sickness, then visit a doctor and having full faith in God for what you have prayed for! Alas, the faith test, what if the outcome is not as expected, all glory and honor still be to God! And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

My youngest child, Isaac, who is not talking even at 2+years old. Not even a papa. Nadah.
Otherwise he looked perfectly and behaved fine. My wife not worried exactly, but felt helpless if she does not seek help, although she too have faith that God will be good to him.
I thought likewise too.

My wife and myself had been praying together for him, praying that he be fine. Perhaps he may start talking later. Faith. My colleagues also suggested checkup as his son was discovered to have autism at 3.5 years old. He advised, if discovered early, he has a year headstart.

However I refuse to believe that my youngest is autistic! It’s only a natural response to reject the worst and pray for the best. No, I’m not being angry with God or having doubt, but common sense tells me that I should seek medical or experienced Children Development folks for a checkup on him, yet "Pray without ceasing.", having faith in God that all will turn out well.
Yet not my will, but His will be done.

To me faith is do your best and leave the rest to God.
Faith. Practical Faith. Are they the same?

I personally feel is only practical to visit a doctor and trust God.
Unless there is no help available, or someone who could not afford, then there’s only God to rely on.

But by visiting the doctor, I do not mean to rob God of his Glory. But how can I rob God of his glory when he is almighty and will manifest his glory and goodness in time his time?
By visiting the doctor, I do not mean that I do not have faith in God. Or am I meaning it?!

Before when I was walking away from God, I’d just go ahead and seek help fervently. Seek advises from people. I do not have to worry about faith, or God’s work glory, or waiting on God.

Now is different! I love God, and I want to trust God! and have Faith in him!
See, these are the looping thoughts which I sometimes try to resolve.
Common sense vs bible. Which is which? Best Both! But is it right?

Somebody wrote this in an article, and it perfectly represent my thoughts and conviction currently.

Life Situations

There are many situations in life that are not specifically handled in the Bible. For example, you may wonder what car to purchase, what house to purchase, what job to take, if you should go to school, etc. There is nothing in the Bible that will point to the right job for you. Many things in life are left up to you to decide. However, what we do learn from the Bible is that the Holy Spirit is always with us to guide us to the truth. (The guide I feel is to pray and seek help) We know that God never leaves us and that he will help us make the correct decision.

If you believe that God wants you to be a nurse, then begin to do what it takes to be a nurse. Whatever you believe God wants you to do or whatever you learn in the Bible, simply begin to activate your practical faith by acting on what you believe. That is true faith that God will bless your activities because you believe that he will do what he said.

Faith And Providence

True faith is not dependant on the outcome in everyday life. True faith is to stay committed to God no matter what. True faith is to love God regardless of what happens in the situation. (Yes, yes.. exactly my conviction too, whatever the outcome) If we believe that God is moving history someplace to fulfill the purpose for his creation, then we should trust God completely even when things do not go our way.

We depend on God to get us through the joy and pains of life regardless of those joys and pains.
2 Corinthians 12:9 My grace is sufficient for thee


~ by ymsim on 2010/01/29.

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