Not An Easy Road

It’s Not An Easy Road

This song tune came into my mind this morning. Would like to share with you on this beautiful Monday morning that our God almighty had given to us.
No, I’m not feeling the Monday Blues already, but it’s a splendid reminder that following our Lord Jesus Christ on the path to our home to Heaven is not an easy road. Not for the faint hearted. No where in the bible ever mentioned it is a stroll. Relaxed. It’s a journey filled with excitement, danger, spiritual battle, battle with the flesh, it even warns you may turn against your family members, parents, etc. Especially if the family I not of like minded faith. However, “it will be worth it all, when we see Jesus.”

Stay prayerful. Stay close to God who is our mighty fortress. Never ever wander too far away from your home base which is our God. Always keep your communication lines open with God which is our prayer in Jesus name. Always read the Bible, that is our guide from home base on how to survive when we are outside the fortress wall. I used to serve the army, and still do, these are crucial for survival. The devil will find ways and means to devour you. Flee from temptations just as you will flee from a land mine.

May God help us as we go through our life journey. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

God bless.
Words and music: John W Peterson
From: Guitar Picker –

It’s Not An Easy Road

It’s not an easy road we are travelling to heaven
B F7 B7
For many are the thorns on the way
It’s not an easy road, but the Saviour is with us
B7 E
His presence gives us joy every day

No, no, it’s not an easy road
A E B B7
No, no, it’s not an easy road
But Jesus walks beside me
And brightens the journey
B7 E
And lightens the heavy load

It’s not an easy road, there are trials and troubles
And many are the dangers we meet
But Jesus guards and keeps so that nothing can harm us
And smooths the rugged path for our feet


Though I am often footsore and weary from travel
Though I am often bowed down with care
A better day is coming when home in the glory
We’ll rest in perfect peace over there



~ by ymsim on 2010/01/18.

4 Responses to “Not An Easy Road”

  1. Wonderful Hymn, used it in my book to be published soon. Titled; Broad is the way. May God bless you.

  2. I also woke up this morning with this song in my head. Yes, I used to sing this a lot when I lived overseas. I thought I am certain, I can find all the words on line. Thank you for sharing this.
    I am so pleased I woke up with it because I found myself reflecting and smiling about the ups and downs of this journey with Christ.

    He has been with me all the while! He certainly will never leave us nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5-6.

    Blessings to you.

  3. This hymn brings to light the reality of our journey with Christ.The Christian should realise that he is a soldier who is homeward bound.His strength lies in looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.It is well.

  4. The only way as human beings/christians we can be able to reach heaven is by keeping our relationship with christ Jesus always through his word no matter the condition or circumstances we may find ourselves in.and continue to reflect on this song, thanks for sharing this song with me

    Be blessed

    Enoch A.Quaye

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