Be a man! Do the right thing.

Be a man! Do the right thing.

We hear this pretty often among men, not sure how this sounds like among women. The point here is really sometimes among men, we encourage each other with this phrase. Be a man! Do the right thing! Interestingly, a similar phrase can be found in the bible too!

1 Cor 16:14,14
Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. Let all your things be done with charity.

See the part about “quit you like men”. It literally means “be a man”.

Below is an excerpt from an article from Forerunner Sep/Oct 2009 article Courge and the Dog Soldier, by Mike Ford which explains the phrase.

“quit you like men” was a frequently heard phrase in English-
speaking countries. To modern ears, quit means “to stop” or “to give up,’ but it can also mean “to conduct oneself in a specified way.” The phrase the King James Version translates as “quit you like men,” James Moffatt renders as “play the man”; the Revised Standard Version, “be courageous”; and The Amplified Bible, “act like men.” Phillips, however, separates verses 13-14 into a paragraph of their own, giving it a sub-heading that says, “A little sermon in a nutshell!” He translates the verse as follows: “Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, live like men, be strong! Let everything that you do be done in love.” The Greek word translated as “quit you like men” is andrizomai, which is used just this one time in the Bible. It is an imperative, a word of command, and it literally means “be men.”

How interesting! 🙂

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