Goodreader Iphone PDF App Reader

iPhone is probably the next best device I have ever had. I mean, it’s crazy, since my Palm days dated back to Palm 3xe device till now, none of the device has edified me as much as the iPhone. The Bibles, the Christian Radio Channels, Podcasts, isilo reader, and now PDF!  I just discovered this fantastic iPhone ware called Goodreader. It has 2 options for the end-user, free and paid. Free is limited to 5 files, while the paid is unlimited. After trying out the free, I dived straight in to get the paid version. I mean this PDF reader is fantastic!

It allows pretty huge big file size to be read! I tried up to 18mb, opens in a jiffy. More over, it converts the PDF pages with TEXT into readable TEXT! That is just more than enough for me!

Enjoy some screenshots. I can imagine myself loving PDF files more now. 🙂
Checkout the app in iTunes here.



Above is the view of the original PDF File. All the links works. Bravo!


Above, the text displayed in PDF format is just too small for a iPhone handheld device. This is where the PDF rendering to PLAIN TEXT comes in handy.


Above, the PDF Text now being displayed as PLAIN TEXT. Cool! Way more readable now!


Above, Navigation around in the PDF file is a jiffy too.

Lovely! All in all, I’m already in love with this Goodreader app already!


~ by ymsim on 2010/01/09.

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