Pet Arowana

Thank God for lovely pets that we can keep. I ‘ve had this lovely RTG since 2003 when it was just a little juvenile, about 6″ long. Now it’s close to 2.5’.
Asian Arowana’s are actually endangered species, each arowana are electronically tagged, and has a certificate when the owner purchases one from the shop.

RTG Arowana

RTG Arowana

In fact, this RTG is older than my eldest boy who was born in 2004, the fish was 2003. No, I do not keep this fish for “Feng Shui” reason. It was purely for pet and passion reason. It feeds on Market Prawns, and when it gets sick of it, I’ll get some bull frogs from the fish farm. So how does this relates to Christianity when it comes to arowana? Gosh.. you mean you are going to tell me about Christianity through this fish? Why not?

Thank God for all these lovely creatures that he has created from the beginning of the world. The bible says “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” The creation of the world and all that dwell therein are all recorded for us in the bible book of Genesis.

Day 1, Light was created.
Day 2, Separation of sky from sea
Day 3, Dry land & vegetation
Day 4, Sun, moon & stars
Day 5, Birds & sea creatures
Day 6, Animals & man
Day 7, Sabbath a memorial of Creation

So our dear Arowana was created on Day 5 of creation. Am I sure it existed since the creation of the world? I don’t know frankly, and it does not matter.
The point is interestingly, air and sea creatures were created on Day 5, whilst land creatures were on Day 6. Why? Again, I do not know.

Pretty interesting, the sequence of creation has never occurred to me before, much more the sequence of Air, Sea, Land creatures creations were separated by a day!

Praise and Thank God for his goodness on us.


~ by ymsim on 2009/12/23.

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