Close calls with accidents

I am on leave today, and been driving a round a lot in the morning, and had several close shaves. Was it my fault? I do not think so, maybe I was being too cautious, but i was definitely normal driver by any standards. In the morning when I was driving to Anson Road Fuji Xerox Building with my eldest boy and my wife on board. A pick up truck was zooming by in the CTE tunnels way above 80kmh on the fast lane. I know because I’m already on 80kmh in the tunnel and he zoomed past me on the right!

Later in the afternoon sending my in-laws and my granny for a ride in the car.
A close shave with a bicycle who suddenly turned out from a pavement right to the front of my car. No, I could not see him as the pavement is blocked from my view. Then at the major road, a Volkswagen GTI doing an illegal U-Turn from an outer lane dangerously in front of me, I had to brake hard. Then along Scotts Road, I was almost sandwiched between a Taxi and a Black Honda Odyssey on my right due to the taxi suddenly swerved into my lane. I had to brake hard and swerve away, else it was a definite accident there.

Thank God for his goodness and keeping us save on the road.


~ by ymsim on 2009/12/23.

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