Hollywood Dinos At Jurong Birdpark Review

Official Hollywood Dino website for Singapore from 12 Dec 2009 till 21 Feb 2010. http://hollywooddinos.com/ ADULT S$ 13.00 CHILD (3-12 yrs) S$ 9.00 SENIOR CITIZEN (60 yrs and above) S$ 11.00 STUDENT S$ 11.00 (All ticket prices include 7% GST) This is a guided trip, ain’t no free and easy trip. The guides get pretty upset and will give you a verbal warning if you fail to follow the guide. Almost all the younger children freaked out in the cave, crying and screaming. Not stroller friendly, stairs, puddles of water, mud. No Toilet, boys if you don’t mind, you can pee somewhere. In the dark cave? I do not encourage that lest the dino comes onto you. Adults, either you get out or wait till the end or do the jungle thing. Anyway, walking back out to the main entrance will take you less than 5 mins. So don’t risk it. My sis promised to bring my 5yr son to watch the dinos, and my son was very excited about it, so we went ahead. Gosh, I’m sure he’s going to have nightmare. At the last leg of the tour, our guided wished us a good trip and hope to see us again. My son went up to tell him “No, I do not want to come back again.” =) We bought the combo ticket for Dino and Birdpark, adult $25, forgot the price of kids, about $15? I think. We planned to be there at the bird park the whole day, so we went ahead for the combo tickets. My receipt shows: 3 Adults – $70.09 1 Child – $14.02 Nett- $84.11 GST- $5.89 Total – $90/- So let’s see the chrono sequence, the wait time is probably due to weekend crowd, moreover today is the first day of opening of Hollywood Dino. 20 mins queue time to get the tickets 20 mins queue time to go into Hollywood Dinos Into DINO WORLD! 10 mins to see sponsor JWT gym in a hot stuffy tent 10 mins briefing by the guide (yes it’s a guided trip) 10 mins photo shoot by them. 10 mins at the first Dino which sounded like it’s burping 15 mins in a cave with Dinos (this place freaked all the children out) 15 hang around doing nothing outside cave 10 mins to see the last exhibit behind a green fence The End. So the real dino trip was only about 35 mins. 10 mins at the first Dino which sounded like it’s burping 15 mins in a cave with Dinos (this place freaked all the children out) 10 mins to see the last exhibit behind a green fence. The whole trip lasted about 80 mins, could be less since I did not actually timed them, this is just my estimation. And when you are bored, and waiting, time stretches even longer. Yup, they did hire some people to scream and run around and play dead. Took some photos of the trip to share. Hollywood Dinos The burping dino. You can actually touch and stroke it! Pretty friendly. It is more afraid of you damaging it than it hurting you. Hollywood Dinos The dino before the cave. It will hunt you down. Hollywood Dinos Bloody good time… drool. Journey into the cave. Hollywood Dinos Little dinos hunting down a victim. Seen Jurassic Park movie? No? Rent it. Hollywood Dinos This exhibit looks pretty. Hollywood Dinos Looks like the obsession is with red light. I wonder why… Hollywood Dinos Another exhibit. The cave is extremely dark. Hollywood Dinos This flying dino will swoop right over your head. That is if it was alive. Hollywood Dinos Check out my pectorals you humans. Hollywood Dinos Ah!! Finally out of the cave. Smiling face and some of the happy kids. Escaped from the dinos! Hollywood Dinos And you thought those dinos were real because it moved? The machinery behind the dinos explained. Hollywood Dinos Heh heh, you think these little fence can hold me back? Hollywood Dinos You looked like a tasty meal. Hollywood Dinos Yummy. Hollywood Dinos Come back and visit me if I missed you for a meal.


~ by ymsim on 2009/12/12.

3 Responses to “Hollywood Dinos At Jurong Birdpark Review”

  1. From your review, it seemed like the exhibition is not suitable for toddlers right. Having second thoughts on visiting now.

  2. Well, it depends on your toddler. Some aren’t affected by the darkness, loudness, and the roars. But my trip, a faur number of toddlers were pretty “freaked out”. Crying all the way of the darkness. 🙂

  3. Hollywood Dinos is one of the worst theme park attractions I have ever seen. Very low-budget and badly produced

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