Snapfish vs Selphy Printer Printout Quality

My first impression of Snapfish Photo Printing service from HP is that of price. 9 per 4R print.
That is a pretty cheap deal if you ask me! Any hidden costs? If you order less than certain quantity, they will charge delivery, else it is free. No pick up location, everything via post. If you can wait for at least a week, it is fine for you. Else do head down to your local photo shop for immediate printout. The local store charges like 40c per 4R, with that I can print like 6x4R from Snapfish! So price wise, Snapfish is a good deal. Surely the price sounds too good to be true! How about the quality of the print out? First impression? Terrible. I mean it’s difficult to reproduce the “sucky” portion on screen, but if you see it with your own eyes, the degraded quality of print is terrible. It looks like a terrible dither effect. It is not like the photo is not viewable, but when you start to have a little closer look, and it does not take too hard to look, you can see the dithering effect is of poor quality. It’s quite shocking if you ask me, as I have never seen such an effect before from a computer print out other than my 1996 HP 500 Grey Scale Photo Printout. Not as bad as that, but it’s close.

I decided to take a printout from my Laser Selphy Printer and compare them side by side to compare the differences.

#1 The original Photo.
Original Photo sent for printing

#2 Scanned Photo of Snapfish.
It actually looks good on screen if you ask me. Looks like there is some auto adjustments done from Snapfish.
SCANNED photo from Snapfish

Looks like the contrast has been rammed up, brightness level increased, color more saturated.

#3 Compare the Snapfish and the Selphy photo printout
The coarser look is of the snapfish, while the finer print is of Selphy.
Comparison Shot of the Dither Effect

#4 Almost full photo comparison.
The brighter photo is of the Snapfish. Note the hair color top is blue in color.
Snapfish vs Selphy Print Out

#5 Selphy Printout, very dark.

#6 Snapfish Printout

Final Verdict, will I use Snapfish services? I’d probably would. As mentioned earlier, the photo printout is not exactly not useable. The quality is bearable. Not the best definitely, but good enough if you do not take a close look. I have not ordered larger prints, but with such quality, I’d stick to smaller prints until they prove to be better.


~ by ymsim on 2009/11/16.

One Response to “Snapfish vs Selphy Printer Printout Quality”

  1. The original photo looks better. Snapfish picture looks too saturated. Not good for human skin color reproduction.

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