Perversion of the Bible

Jesus loves gay. Do a google on this and a blog will show up. He is a Christian and Christ lover too he claims. In fact he knows the bible rather well if u ask me. So does the Devils and Satan, they quoted specific verses from the bible to challenge Jesus. So does the false teachers during Jesus days who used the bible to challenge Jesus.

Does Jesus loves gay? Yea and Nay. Jesus loves you as a person, but not the sexual orientation. From the very beginning of time, God created Eve a woman, to be the partner of Adam the man. God did not create another man for Adam. Our gift of sexual organs are for “to be fruitful and multiply”.

Beware of the internet. Exercise discernment. This blogger reminds myself of Saul, or rather now known as Paul. He knows a lot about the bible, except he is perverted in persecuting Christians.

Let’s forget Paul here who is a mortal. Let’s talk of the devil and satan instead. These folks knows the bible inside out. Except!! They are against God. There only 2 ways to be with God. For or against. If you are for God, you will love God and obey all his commandments. If you are against, then it will be the opposite.

How can a person who claim that he love God and continue to live in sin?! Especially sexual sins that goes again our body who “is the temple of God”!

Do we remember Sodom and Gomorrah? The 2 city that God destroyed in the Old Testament? The people were also engaged in sexual sins.

The days of Noah when God sent the Flood to destroy everybody? Sexual Sins too were cited.

Beware of people who come to you who claim that they love God and sin is fine. This is just pure perversion. It sounded just like the serpent in the garden of Eden for the original sin. “It is OK to eat of the Apple” when “God clearly commanded NOT OK”.

God help us as we are saved by Jesus, saved by Grace. Amen.


~ by ymsim on 2009/10/31.

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