My love with Singtel

In fact, I do love Singtel for several reasons. The love affair was so quick that I dumped Starhub internet for Singtel MIO. I dumped M1 for Singtel Mobile. However, as with all love affairs, either is a long term affair or a quick swing with frustrations. Sometimes it becomes a long term and added frustrations.
Usually for Telcos, it is usually long term. That’s where the pleasure and horrors starts. Let’s start with the pleasure as all love starts sweet.

Better coverage.
I believe this is true. Singtel has the best phone coverage area in Singapore. I mean c’mon, Singapore is so small. Makes me wonder why the telcos cannot cover the entire island, and maybe the smaller Islands such as Sentosa, Kusu, Sister Island etc.

Ring time
Tested on Starhub, and M1, 30sec ring tone. Damn short if u ask me.
Let’s have a typical scenario. Usually the ring on our phone for an incoming call, it starts ringing around the 5th second ringing from the caller. So I’m deprived of 5 seconds. By the time I hear it and confirm is my phone ringing, 15th second. By the time I reach to my pocket, pull out, answer? BOOM. Missed call. Then usually an sms will come along, “call me pls”. Wtf! I have free incoming calls!! Sorry. U wanna reach me? Call me. So seriously, this ringing duration is crucial usually. Unless it is coming from someone undesirable such as your dept collector or telemarketeers.

Not the ring tone. I hate their “Bye Bye” default Ringtone!! I wish we could be friends??? Look, friends do not have contracture nor monthly payments. It’s strictly business for most of us. When u start reducing your costs and stop selling me crab, and start giving…. Yes we can be friends. Till then, we usually have contracture agreement.

Singtel for IPhone.
My wife ditched Starhub to join Singtel for the iPhone. We were told more plans with Singtel, we get more discounts. Such as MIO Home and my ditching of M1 to go into Singtel Corp Plan. In fact all these empty promises starts to break apart.

MIO Home
We got MIO home for several reasons. It is a wild creature that needs detail understanding to handle her. Do not think MIO is like Starhub home broadband via cable. Singtel ADSL broadbane is complicated!! C’mon, the acronym of an ADSL is already more than a mouthfull when expanded. However ADSL speed is more consistent as compared to Starhub. Starhub I experience extreme slow down whenever I am home from work. A call to their Cust Service and I was told it is to be expected. Expect what? The slowdown as this is the peak, where everybody are home surfing and watching cable TV. So what??? You want me to apply leave so that I can use the internet offpeak for better experience? You need to upgrade ur plan for better speed. – already did!! From Basic to Premium. Then you need to get Ultimate. Nuff said. Bye Hub. Btw, they charge me 70+ just for Premium Cable per mth for pathetic speed as opposed to MIO HOME 40+ for TV, Internet and Digital Phone. Slow is defined as web surfing experience, YOUTUBE!! Omg. Dead slow. As in like crawling at single digit kbps. My BBOM thethering via my e71 BLUETOOTH(slow) is even faster than Starhub when watching youtube.

Digital Phone Line
As per my family, the phone line is clearer and louder. Ok. Sounds good.

So that’s a fair bit of love of Singtel there. But wait, with all good things and roses, there’s always the thorns. Some thorns were there naturally, many were IMHO due to incompetency and lack of forecast, planning, and priority to the customers.

So where do I start?

Seriously, it is just a White Box but far from the Apple Zen like performance. The same box is used for MIO TV, ADSL Internet, Digital Phone Line, WIFI, and Hard Router.
Kind of overkill if u ask me. Whenever I use everything together? MIO BOX Hangs or crashes. Box is called 2wire brand, and is no where close to 2 wires. Tons of wires. Each reboot takes like forever? Just google and u’ll find all the frustrated reviews. Every other day it is either the phone is dead, or the internet is dead. These are all crucial for my work at home support. So much for all the promises of quality services. Starhub speed was slow, at least uptime is stable.
Singtel speed is fast and consistent, sometimes stable.

Dead Internet, we know as it is easily detectable. It’s amazing how much time people make use of Internet these days. For work, social, shopping, official biz.

Dead Phone! Unless someone calls or u use, is as good as un-noticed. Bad.

Bad Timing on Purchase of iPhone.
Just after a week of signup with MIO Home, iphone launch announced. Exactly the same phone my wife wanted. They offered huge discounts on iphone if signup for MIO Home package. Like $200 off iPhone? Wtf. Pissed. Happens. Wrong time.

IPhone crazy queue
Ok. Singtel pulling a publicity stun?
I think whole of SG knows about this. Long queue etc. Did some google, happens worldwide too. Fine.

Empty Promises on Discounts.
I signed up Corp Rate. However it is not the corp rate that Singtel was referring to. Discount only exists for their corp rate which my singtel corp rate is not their corp rate. Confusing? Hell yes. Apparently my corp rate is under my company. Also called corp rate. Trying to be funny? I ain’t laughing.

Corp Rate Plan
COOL!!! It’s so much cheaper to talk on HP now! I used to blow my M1 airtime badly. But remember, I’m no longer a Consumer Client now. I’m branded Corp Client. 2nd class in service if u asked me. Let me explain how I felt as a corp client. Neglected and dejected to say the least. I was informed my Iphone is out of stock, need to place order. Fine. I waited for like 3 months? Then I found out there are stocks!! So I asked why am I put on wait list? “Those stocks are for consumers.” So you wun sell those for corp clients and made us wait for months? Fine. I’m a cool guy. Hate quarrels.

This is ridiculous. I received an email that my iPhone cost $x, which has already been taken into consideration with my port in discount. Great! Smile. Finally. But wait, I just felt something was wrong. A hunch feeling. A few days later I double check the cost stated in the email. I was over charged by $100. Sleazy. An honest mistake? What if I did not check? U earn $100 bonus by honest ignorance? 100 client honest mistake becomes a $10K bonus? Oh well, happens. So my phone today delivery was cancelled. Rescheduled. Sigh.

Singtel has the cheapest BB plan in town. $10.70 for all your messaging needs! EXCEPT it does not come with BIS, internet services. Big chunk of usefulness gone. Want BIS? Pay $24. Double the price. Btw, BIS does not include APN usage which M1 does allow, so in otherwords, u cannot use other programs that uses dataplan such as Opera mini.

Check Data Usage
Cannot check in Singtel. Still figuring out. Can check easily in M1.

Bill Payment
I asked for automated credit card payment. First Bill arrived. I have to pay myself. Fine.

Manual Payment
I went down to comcenter thinking is their HQ helloshop, must have everything. EXCEPT bill payment. Please pay at SAM counter outside the hot sun outside. So this is how u treat your customers?

Seperate Call Line
Oh yes. Consumer and corporate have different support.
Consumer Mon-Sun
Corp Mon-Fri.

Turn Around Time
Google for this. Not uncommon.
M1 activate my blackberry everything on the spot.
Singtel 3 working days.
Sat Sun not working days, note.

Is a pity they offer one of the best “corp rate” for my company, and till now the sole distributer for iPhone, and the cheapest, fastest internet speed for the lower runk plans. These are all the good stuffs, pity the bad stuffs.

I’ll add on as I recall them.

Sent from Blackberry Singtel.


~ by ymsim on 2009/10/26.

2 Responses to “My love with Singtel”

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  2. I love singtel it reception is good n not cheat money unlike Starhub always like to charge people when people never even use I hate it!! It reception is so lousy like he go everywhere always no reception like when I am at home Starhub don’t even have reception n singtel got full reception how wonderful!! When u use Starhub you only use 1 month for example auto roam they will charge you from the month onward n like singtel when u use the next month when I never use they will disconnect for u n also when I use Starhub u never even use Internet they keep charging me gees! I hate it n also when I use singtel when I use broadband on mobile the next tine I never use they will disconnect for me I love it how wonderful is singtel is!! I love singtel forever even thought it is expensive I want to cancel my Starhub line n port my numbr to singtel so that I dont need to suffer with Starhub n also when my Starhub bill come I am headache for me bill haiz!! So dissapointed with Starhub. Starhub is really a sux service in the world

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