Blackberry Facebook 1.7 does not work without BIS

As I have always mentioned, and firmly believed, new does not mean better. But the silly me always falls into this trap. Recently, I have upgraded my Blackberry Facebook from 1.6 to the latest 1.7. Now it does not work without BIS, just like the BB MSN Messenger. wtf. Do I miss my BB? Matter of fact yes. It was working perfectly fine when I was with M1, except the price was very steep for my high volume of phone calls. So I changed to Singtel Corp. That was where the nightmare begins. I lost my priviledge and flexibility of an individual consumer client. Sintel BB cheapest $10.70 plan does not include BIS. Without BIS, many functionalities in the BB is crippled namely 1. BB MSN Messenger 2. BB Browser 3. BB Facebook (just joined) Now everything, I need to go through the Corporate Rep for my requests. I takes very long to get anything actioned in fact. To put it bluntly, it felt like we are the lowest priority for anything.


~ by ymsim on 2009/10/21.

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  3. instead of login click on sign up.

    Fyi. I am not even on any sort of bb services.

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