Blackberry Bold and Nokia e71 keyboard

I think there is a tadbit of Blackberry bold keyboard design flaw. The commonly use punctuation marks such as “.” “,” needs two keystrokes to invoke.
Ok, granted iPhone needs 2 keystrokes too, but a double tap of space in the front panel kicks off a “.”

From a Nokia e71 QWERTY keyboard user perspective, the dedicated “.” and “,” are very thoughtful of the designers. These are some of the most commonly use punctuation marks for goodness sake! Why do I need two keystrokes to invoke these?

Even the normal full size computer keyboard, does not require two keystrokes to invoke the “.” and the “,”!

I know there are many accustomed to these two keytrokes BB users out there, is probably all about getting used to.

Used to the 2 keystrokes.

BlackBerry Bold keyboard layout (not the characthers layout! Physical keys) are fairly similar.

keys x row (both 4 rows)
Total 35 keys

Total 37 keys.

See the missing 2 keys from Blackberry bold? Could have been used for “.” and “,”.
Just noticed “?” is dedicated too.

Summary of dedicated punctuation keys or whatever that is called. Quite alot of you ask me compared to Blackberry.

  1. .
  2. ,
  3. ?
  4. @




~ by ymsim on 2009/07/03.

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