Using Nokia e71 typing

So I was typing earlier on iphone.. I thinl to be fair on typing, this curremt nokia e71 mode does not offer any auto spell corrections. I disabled all of it since nokia e61i days. I’m used to tuping without the auto corrections. Let’s see how much auto corrections or spelling error I get.

I meam typing on iphone sure was fast and comfy. But it looks like I m vhurning out lots og typo error.
This little nokia e71 keyboard, I’m not goimg to praise it like its the best.

But this far’ i can see there are minimal typo error. Bear in mind, no auto correctioms. So what u see is what I am oressing o the little phome keys.

So far so good! I like it! In fact the textile keyboard feedback is good. If the need for hardware key is that impt, then the bb bold is for me. Coz that phone has a physical qwerty keyboard like my nokia e71?

So which os which? bold or e71?? We’ll have to see. I have heard complaims bout the iphone ketboard. Cud jave been batter.

Looks like e71 keys have less mistakes.


sent from Nokia e71. Ben

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~ by ymsim on 2009/07/02.

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