Looking forward to iphone 3Gs autofocus

tWas told iPhone 3gs offers auto focus capability on their camera. That will be fantastic. One of the main holding back point for my Nokia e71 is the auto fous. The current 2G and the 3G c does not offer focus capability. Whilst the new iPhone 3Gs does. I’m starting to suspect I actually do type faster on my e71 than the iPhone.

Landscape mode is too wide for typing. Portrait mode is too narrow for typing. So what the hell are we doing with this typing crap? Is it really harder to yupebin landscape mode?

I’m not going to correct sny typo mistake here. All te t typing here on are landscape mode. So far I can see some typo eroror. Everywhere intact. So I t really good in typing forbipjinr? If u cN read whY on earth I am typo g on high speed? Good god you!

Now in typing on portray mode. Damn. This us dejavu. Whydo ofeel likecthis jas beenrupwd before? Wow.it’s o typo error asci loon back on yh quick tiling capability of the iPhone. Is the auto correct tealycthat good? Spacing appears to be the key to iPhone spelling. If te space is not acOlable looks like most of the roping errrwill occur. Are you able to tall whY o am yriong to tole on my op ohe? Frankly I not nle to.

So typing on uhe ppkpne is not tealy that fat aferall. O wish te filing is a lot Ayer. The multiple touch sure tkt lots o potential. Nit at this pint in time. Thia is o ly this good.

So u decide. Is sowed faster or actual text feedback beyer. I’ll tip again another post using the nokia e71.



~ by ymsim on 2009/07/01.

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