Joby Gorilla Pod

My first Gorilla Pod, albit almost 2 times more than the price of usual Tripod. I got mine at $34 from Cathay Photos at Marina Square.

I’m not sure if it is the best price, but it’s acceptable to me. I have tried the usual normal mini tripod, I’m not too happy with it for the following reasons, Oh.. On a compact cam.
1. Lack of Stability
2. Lots of screw here and there to tighten, adjust, turn, etc
3. Limited angles
4. Not mine, I do not have any mini tripods.
5. My 5yr old son finds it hard to use.

So why did I go for joby?
1. Better stability
2. More angle options
3. Simple to use
4. Light
5. Non metallic so no scratches!
6. Heard lotsa good stuff of it.
7. Useability is limited by Imagination

Well, got it, gotta use it. I think my son will love it. =)


Nice bag

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~ by ymsim on 2009/07/01.

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