Noise test, D2H vs D3 @ ISO6400 on Flickr

Noise test, D2H vs D3 @ ISO6400 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Saw a old Nikon D2H o sale at Adelphi at $1880. That’s more than double my current D80 resale price going at around $700!

So I did a google and came across this D2H and D3 noise comparison at ISO6400. Put D80 Compared to these, it’s pathetic.

I suppose if you are not into MEGA PIXELS number, the higher the better concept, this is certainly worth getting. I heard the D3 goes for like $6,2K. So this D2H is only a fraction of the current D3 price. I cannot imagine how much it costed back in 2003.

Frankly, I have been taking smaller res pix from my cams, unless absolutely required, RAW. Coz all those resizing, cropping is a pain. lol!

Btw, below picture is not mine. I shared from Flickr from another D2H user, please click the URL at the very top of this post.


~ by ymsim on 2009/06/28.

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