E71 Favourite Device

e71 Current Fav Device

Only several phones that I used, I have love it as much.

  1. Palm Treo – Palm OS
  2. O2 Mini – Windows Mobile
  3. Nokia e61i – Symbian
  4. Nokia e71 – Symbian

While I am contemplating on the Blackberry Bold or the iPhone, I do not want to give up my current excellent Nokia e71 phone which I use for the following:

  1. Phone
  2. Contacts
  3. SMS
  4. Email
  5. Upload photos to Flickr
  6. Upload photos to Twitpic
  7. View Photos
  8. WordPress Blogging
  9. Web surfing via
    – UCWEB
    – Opera Mini
    – Safari
  10. Nokia Email
  11. Photo Taking (Exposure Control, Timer, Flash, Auto-Focus, Concurrent shots)
  12. Bluetooth Modem for laptop
  13. Direct Cable Modem for laptop
  14. KJV Bible
  15. Chinese Bible
  16. Isilo
  17. City Bloxx Game
  18. Prostreet Racing
  19. Video Taking
  20. Watching Video via Coreplayer
  21. Youtube
  22. Internet Radio
  23. Normal Radio
  24. MP3
  25. Download Files Directly from the phone
  26. MSN – Fring, Nokia MSN Live, Fring, Nimbuzz
  27. GPS Garmin
  28. Timer
  29. StopWatch
  30. iSilo

Can Blackberry Bold or iPhone, or any future phone offer these and more?!?


~ by ymsim on 2009/06/25.

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