Lens DOF, F whatever and the bokeh effect

Nikon D80 Portrait Lens Tests.

Finally, I did a google and came across this comparison.
Many thanks to the author!

I have been fumbling to understand what causes bokeh, and how to avoid. I have been saying the larger the F, the stronger the bokeh.
Maybe the listeners thought I was referring to large F as in 8,9, or above. No I meant larger like 1.2, 1.4, 1.8.

When the F, I supposed that means the focal stop, in my mind is how big the apperture will open, so the smaller the F, the bigger the apperture. Right? No? I’ll find out.

So the larger the apperture, towards a closer subject, the stronger the bokeh in the background. The smaller the F, the apperture will be smaller, the background tends not to so “bokeh”ed.

Well, am still a newbie in this complicated world of photography. We’ll see how it goes.



~ by ymsim on 2009/06/19.

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