Nikon D80 with a MB-D80 Battey Grip

I dunno wats d grip for, all I know is it looks good. Lol! I might consider getting one. I cannot afford a D3. Least I cud do is to makr my D80 looked like 1 physically. Haha!!

Today I went to West Coast Park park with the kids. Uninvited. Gate crash if u wanna put it that way. XD

Took half day leave since it was a quiet Monday. Hey! I’m doing the company a favor by clearing my leave!! So I came back in the afternoon, reaching home almost 3pm. I left at 2pm, worked from 8.30am to 2pm. 6.5h of work. Usual is 8h. Why I took half day? Am almost full! Then I recalled a joke when I met Yen Peng sometime back at 5.30pm. If staff leave at 5.30pm, is halfday. Coz we usually leave past midnight.

Anyway, reached home at 3pm, quickly swapped my 50mm for my 18-200mm lens. The latter thus far is fav outdoor lens. I call it my sniper lens.

My wife said I took half day to hone my photography skills with the boys. No. I took half day to capture the joyous moments with the boys. Not to hone my skills. That is secondary. Primary is to be with the family, my children. Play with them. Capture the moments. These moments will never ever come again.

Ryan Wong were with us, all 3 in fact, including Darren, and Jovey, with maid and mum Elaine. On my side, my wife and I, Mel, Isaac n Samuel.

It was an extremely cloudy day. Close to the point almost 6pm, we tot it’s going to rain. Heavy dark clouds. We scrambled and made our way home.

Cannot wait to process the photos. For now, I’m at the coffeeshop onto my 2nd bottle of beer. If there is a place to avoid arguments and conflicts, I’d be there.


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~ by ymsim on 2009/06/15.

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