Good News in Christ

Kaing Guek Eav, better known by his nom de guerre Duch, is on trial for overseeing the torture and extermination of 15,000 people who passed through the hardline communist movement’s notorious Tuol Sleng prison.

I thought I recalled some time back, he is now a Christian. Confirmed.

He may have repented, converted, born again, everything! But that does not deny the fact that he is probably guilty as far as the eyes of public is concern, he’s horrendous acts of sin, crime, murder, killings. Pardoned, forgiven by God. However, the crimes on earth has to be accounted for.

Which reminds myself of the 2 thief that were crucified with Christ. Christ was crucified sinless, crimeless. The 2 thief were for their crime. 1 thief taunted Christ and challenged Christ to save himself and save the thief if he be God. In contempt Mockery if you asked me. While the other thief chastised the mocking thief that his current state is due to crimes commited… alas Jesus, who has commited no crime is crucified. Then he turned himself to Jesus, in full humbleness, Lord, remember me when you are in heaven. “My goose pimples coming out as I wrote this”. Jesus turned to the humble thief and said to him, “Today (Present tense) you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43). This thief was neither baptized nor partook of the Lords supper he believed and was promised to be with Jesus.

How true it is!! In Humbleness, we come to God and accept him as Christ! Spiritually, we are saved! Physically, that thief died for his crimes. In his repentance, and acceptance of Christ, spiritually, he is saved and is with Christ in Paradise. How wonderfully great is this Salvation! Hallelujah.

Jesus, our mediator, daily intercedes for us before God the father. As long as we are in this weak flesh, we will always be sin.

Born in Sin, Die in Sin. Born in Sin, Die in Christ who died for our sin. Christ who rose again 3 days victorious over death. What a wonderful truth God has promised to us who comes to him.

Let us go forth and spread this good news. I am not good in speech. I have decided I can spread the word of God in writing. I want to share the good news. This is the 1st good news I supposed in my blog.

Glory and Honor be to God forever, Amen.

~ by ymsim on 2009/06/08.

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