In Laws first time at Church

1st time my in laws went with us to church. We went to the Chinese service as they are mandarin speaking.

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Date: 07/06/2009 11:58

Today, marks the day when my parents in law comes to Church. Not for any special events, unlike before when our kids were baptised. We attended the chinese service.

Nehemiah 8
Tell me more. Tell me the stories of Jesus. An example was given in telling the word of God in SG in China. In SG, 40mins of God’s word or less, are probably too much already. In China, is TOO SHORT! Tell me more, tell me more.

Nehemiah Requested the scribe to bring out the book of Law of Moses, and teached from the word of God.

Neh 8:9, The ppl wept. Not all ppl will weep when they repent. But thus recorded the events by Nehemiah days. The ppl wept when they understood the word of God. Repented, Confess, and obeyed.

Sin is like bad cholestrol. Blocking the blood to good health. The good spiritual health. How to get rid of bad cholestrol? Read the word of God! Pray! Exercise Spiritually! Just as we exercise physically, we need it spiritually too!

Makes me wonder, since I enjoy long distance jogging. Perhaps, listening to sermon while jogging is good. Use a one piece bluetooth headset.
Edit.. Tried. Not good once I start perspiring. My ears gets wet too, amd it just slips out.

James 4:8

I think I’d like to get a Giant Print Chinese Bible for my PILs, and a Parralel Giant Print Chinese and English Bible if there is.
Edit… Bought a Chinese Bible for my Father in Law. He is more interested than my mum in law it seems.

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