Fitness First First 1:1 Train

Herman was my trainer. Next appt this Sat 12 noon.

Started off with 3min brisk walk and 7min run to warm up.

1. Medicine ball. Legs slightly bend, position wider than shoulder width. Keep the back straight. 2 arms straight. Lift ball from floor to over head. Arc backwards. While lifting ball up, straighten legs. Ball down, bend legs.

2. Alternate lift leg backwards. Stretch the ground leg hamstring. Keep both arms facing down. Left foot down. Bend body down, same time right leg backwards up.
X15 rep, switch. 2 sets.

3. Stand on Half Ball, do pulley weight. Arms stretch out, straight chest level. Using chest muscle to pull the arms from out to in.

4. Squat Bend Legs with Gym Ball on back against wall support.
1+2, 2 sets.

5. bridging and alternate arm up like pushing up, then down. 10 left, 10 right.
2 sets.

6. bridging. 20secs. 3 sets

7. Boat rowing. The single pull with legs pushing body in and out. 5 mins.


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14 Responses to “Fitness First First 1:1 Train”

  1. 2nd Training today at 12noon 09/05/2009 Vesak Day

    Started with the Step Thingy, not exactly step, since my legs can move in circular motion, but looks like step. 4 mins forward, 4 mins backwards. 5% resistance. 120 Pace.

    Medicine Ball 3kg over head. Bend Both Knees. Start with Right foot
    Forward Lunge, right lunge, rear lunge. Change feet.
    Forward Lunge, left lunge, rear lunge.
    3 sets x 15 reps.

    Lower Back Training. 2.5kg weight. (Lower back burns)
    There is this bench like thing that allowed your body leans forward 45degree, feet lock below.
    Back relax downwards starting.
    Lift backup, turn left, turn right, down relax.
    3 sets x 15 reps.

    Shoulder Training cross pulling with both arms crossed in front of head level.
    (Shoulder burns)
    Pull backwards.
    3 sets x 15 reps.

    Shoulder and Biceps.
    Pulley forward arm upwards. Down.
    Bicep curl upwards. Down.
    3 sets x 15 reps

    Seat up on a thingy that support the neck. Legs rested upwards.
    2 sets x 20 reps.

    Seat up on a thingy that support the neck. Legs lifted up.
    (Back burns man)
    2 sets x 20 reps.

  2. Today did 25mins on “Vario”.
    20 mins forward, 5 mins backward. Resistance 7.

  3. Yesterday went for a some 4km jog with the team. Extremely slow jog indeed. Almost 45mins. From Office to SG Flyers, to end of Republic Ave, and back.

    Did a check on Gmap Pedometer. The distance estimation was quite good. Gmap says 4.3km.


    Interesting site to calculate Calorie Expenditure.

  5. Walked 4.8km home yesterday. 1h.

  6. FF 30mins on the feet turn thingy 300 Cal
    2×20 Crunches
    2×20 Abductor

  7. 5 min on rower.

  8. 13 May 2x20mins jogs.
    1set alone.
    2set with Isaac on Stroller.

  9. 10 min rower
    15 min cycle
    Leg extension 3 sets of 15
    15x left, 15x right, 15 together. 1 set. x 3

  10. Ok, Frankly, I have lost track of my Workout Activities. So let’s try again.

    Today I had my 1:1

    Fri 29 May 2009 – 5km Office to Home.
    Thu 28 May 2009 – 5km Office to Home.

    I missed the Fitness First 5km running session today. There was a big crowd though.
    Which I could’ve joined them.

  11. 20 mins on Threadmill. 4% inclined. 8.5kmh.
    Misc weights.

  12. 1st 1:1 workout for my wife today with Herman.

  13. Yesterday 20 mins threadmill. 10.5kmh.
    Followed by 4.8km team road run.
    1 min crunches 48.
    20 pushups.
    7 Assisted Chinups.
    500m row.

  14. 30 Pull Down weights wide arm 30kg
    15 Burpees
    30 2kg arm open wide on side up and down
    20 Static Lunges
    20 Cross situps
    3 Sets.

    2×50 quick crunches
    Climb Stairs 10mins

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