A Dream

Dream Went to someplace looks like HDB work with GL. Prior me and wife (late evening) took a bus towards Suntec area. She headed off to meet people for dinner. I headed to work. What seems like I was in simple boxers and singlet. Worked late. GL proposed to visit PC. I agree. Worked till almost passed 11pm. Told her I have no car. She said she’ll arranged. A phone call she did made. I changed out of boxer and singlet into a bermudas over my boxer, and a long sleeve sweater over my singlet. We ran down what seems like 11 stories. She’s a fast runner. She ran all the way down extremely fast, while I was leaping from stars to stairs to catch up with her. My right hand was holding onto something to help me jump down without falling. 11 stories it seems. I was getting dizzy, round and round the stair well. GL is still going fast. Finally, at the ground floor, she dashed off into a cab. I was spinning around as if I had just played drunken sailor and truing to run in a stright line to the cab. In the cab there was another old lady. Very old. Seems like GL relative. The relative brought the can here to pick us up? A conversation started between GL and the old lady. The old lady is a smoker. GL advising her to stop. Old lady can’t. GL suggested doctor treatment. bla bla bla. I mentioned I had stopped smoking for 1.5 yr (Coming to 1 yr as of now actually) Almost at Changi Point or Loyang Avenue. Blocks of houses left and right. Very tight alley. Constricted. But the sky is all white at 11pm??!? I commented to the taxi driver that what a bright night!! “it’s not a bright night. It’s people in front birning things to their gods or to the dead or whatever”. We waited for a while for the procession to finish. Finally the sky is all dark as it should be again. For a moment I thought it was Christ returning. On reaching our destination, the old lady left. GL and myself ended up in some kind of long beach table. She said she’s hungry, and I’ll just go ahead to order anything for her. Mee Goreng. Met VC, and some other DPC staff. Supper? Probably. Long time no meet. So we all ended up all seated together at the long bench table for a meal and chatted. Suddenly popped out PL (not PC) for merry making with a big bottle of beer. With his usual cheerful face and small eyes, he started pouring out beer for everyone (magic beer bottle?!?) At my turn, he spilt. I jumped up! Amazingly the table did not overturn. The waiter came over to clean up the beer mess, he need to like flip the table to the side to pour the beer away? Wow, lots of beer spilt. Cleaned, put the legs back on the table, and we all sat and talk together. Finally met PC away from the supper place. GL and PC spoke about capacity, performance, quality, requesting if PC is willing to come back. PC did not respond about coming back, but advised what we should do, and etc etc. End of dream, I woke up to blow my nose,


~ by ymsim on 2009/04/10.

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