Yeh Heh!! I finally got another IBM Thinkpad series lappy. A Lenovo Thinkpad T61.

Specs here

It’s a refurbished set. Got from Sim Lim Square.

Drop & Fix pte ltd
1 Rochor Center #03-02, Sim Lim Square S188504
Tel: 68331068
Fax: 63399359

$700 for the Lappy
$50 to add another 2GB, to a total of 3GB ARM
$90 for a new Battery. (The batt that came with is a dud)
The LCD screen has been changed before, can tell from the stickers that covers the screws.
Came with XP Pro.

Personally I have always enjoyed the Thinkpad series laptops.

My 1st Thinkpad was my very own IBM 240x. Ultraportable.
Then from the company, T30
Then my sis bought an R40 series
Then I got a T41 (now with my sis)
Then I got a X30 (too slow)
Now a T61.

So what do I like about thinkpads?

  1. Simplicity (I do not enjoy bright glaring fancy looks)
  2. Good Driver Support (Even in the linux world!)
  3. Highly Self Servicable
  4. Durability
  5. Consistency (The Keyoards and Exterior Looks has not changed much in years)
  6. The Keyboard (I LOVE IT!) Even my Desktop is using a Thinkpad Keyboard
  7. The night light only avail to Thinkpads.
  8. Matte body. Ain’t no finger print magnet.

Cannot wait to try it out with a Fedora install. 🙂


~ by ymsim on 2009/04/03.

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