My 1st Sanyo AA rechargeable batts

My first AA rechargeables. I would have suspected it is as easy as ABC but twas not. Lemme explain why:
1. Many brands out there
2. Each Brand have diff performance
3. Price difference
4. Batt capacity
5. Charge Time
6. Reliability

At the end, I settled for Sanyo.
Bought from
UF Technology
#03-69, Sim Lim Square
Tel: 63393322

Realised a chop on a floor higher goes by CDR something, sold each of the item $3 less.
That will be a difference of $6.

Oh well, I was in a rush and did not know the price and headed straight to the UF Tech, my regular shop.




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~ by ymsim on 2009/03/31.

5 Responses to “My 1st Sanyo AA rechargeable batts”

  1. Saw a brand called Uniross. All 2700mAH. CAREFOUR. Charger wif 4 batts 59. 2 batts only is 15.9.

  2. SLS Ground floor.
    4×2700 $23.90
    Quick Charge + 2×2700 $51.90

  3. Even Challenger sells the batt cheaper. The 4 Sanyo 2700 is at $23.90 instead of $28. Member at $21 I think.

  4. PKMart selling same price as challenger at $23.90

  5. East Asia Computing
    Sanyo 2700×4

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