Sacred 2

The Successor of Sacred, or rather the prequel.

I am on Sacred 2 and lovin the gameplay and graphics. Nutshell
1. Lotsa quests. But none too difficult nor mind boggling. Measly rewards.
2. Good graphics. One of the best I’ve seen.
3. Diablo Hack n Slash Style. I like.
4. Char Stats makes a big diff to the chars defence or offence.
5. Leaving the char alone in town, u’ll see it doing funny actions. My Fav is seraphim piercing the ground with the polearm and picked it up.
6. Lotsa bosses and mini boss. I cud not clear my 1st boss. Lol! Levelling up some more.




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~ by ymsim on 2009/03/10.

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