Nokia e61i

Definitely one of my favorite device. It was my O2 mini replacement, the Nokia Symbian S60 e61i. Dates back to 2007.

Why is it my favourite?

  1. Solid metalic body
  2. big 2.8″ screen
  3. 3G + Wifi
  4. Generous battery life
  5. Responsive QWERTY keypad
  6. Loud Volume
  7. Stable OS
  8. Lots of good 3rd party app
    – UCWEB
    – Opera Mini
    – etc
  9. Built-in Email GMail setup a breeze.
    Supports Pop and IMAP
  10. Readability even directly under sunlight.
  11. Able to run multiple concurrent java apps

Why will it not be my favorite?

  1. Insufficient memory
  2. Limited to 2GB Micro SD Card (Not SDHC Enabled)
  3. No 3.5G
  4. Uses the old unreliable Nokia proprietary pop port
  5. Safari Browser extremely slow
  6. Keyboard very stiff (good too, so typo error from wrong keypress are reduced greatly)
  7. Camera is barely passable
  8. Memory Card not hot swappable
  9. Phone Call Volume very soft
  10. Phone overall speed pretty slow

The DPAD paint wears off extremely fast, revealing a pink base.

Nokia e61i

Nokia e61i

Nokia e61i

All pics by Panasomic Lumix DMC-FX7. Fooling around with it. 🙂

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~ by ymsim on 2009/02/01.

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