Trip to Mount Faber & Henderson Waves Bridge

I was on annual leave today. During the morning we had a good family time with the 2 boys at the playground. Afternoon we went to Mount Faber to visit the “Henderson Waves Bridge”.

In fact, Henderson Waves Bridge was our sole purpose to Mount Faber today.

Would I go back there again? Definitely, and with more people.
Good things must share. lol!

Mount Faber Trip
A bench beside a walking trail with plenty of tall nice hairy glass saying “Hi” to you with their bows.
A tad bit if trash there, which is pretty typical.

Mount Faber Trip
Walking along the Mount Faber Road. Mount Faber is a tourism spot.
It is also popular among joggers. Even at 4pm, we saw many joggers going past.
I would jog here too, the hills and slopes will put you into a better runner in no time.

Mount Faber Trip
The lovely clear blue, a bit cloudy sky. It developed quickly into dark clouds towards the evening.
Started to rain around 6pm.
Thank God for his goodness for the good weather earlier as we brought Samuel to the Henderson Waves Bridge.

Mount Faber Trip
We saw this little cutie figures on the floorboard of the Henderson Waves Bridge.
The entire Henderson Waves Bridge looks like made of wood.
Many folks actually took off their foot wear and walked bare footed.

Mount Faber Trip
Maybe a little brushed metal will look good. lol!

Mount Faber Trip
Cloudy Sky developing. Little drizzle drop felt. Nothing too wet yet. We quicken our steps.

Mount Faber Trip
There were 2 ladies who obviously enjoying themselves here. I took a picture for them earlier.

Mount Faber Trip
The beauty of using little cameras, I squeezed my trusty old Panasonic Lumix DMZ-FX7 here.
Wondered what may turned out. I like it.

Mount Faber Trip
Took another shot to the rear as well from the same position.
U never know what lurks behind you. haha!

Mount Faber Trip
Sure looks like a Surfers Paradise. *whoooosh*

Mount Faber Trip
Some of the crawlers along the side wall of the Mount Faber Road Side.

Mount Faber Trip
On our way back, we noticed this particular tree with lovely red flowers.
It just simply stood out.

All pics taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX7

You can see more pics of the Bridge at the following blogs, or just google “Henderson Waves Bridge”

It’s a beautiful place. The bridge is not too long, but it is very high up there.
The breeze on the bridge is fantastic.

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