Reunion Dinner 25th Jan 2009, Sunday

Reunion dinner was very different from the past years. Previously, we visited my father grandparents. I think usually it is customary to go to the father’s side for re-union dinner. So my father reunion dinner will be our reunion dinner as well. the last of my grandparents pass away last year to be with the Lord, grandmother.

Grandpa Lot 921, Grandma lot 949

This years gathering was spent with my parents and my in-laws at the “I do not know what Hotel” along Newton Road. It was rather pricely, and very noisy. My Mother in Law was trying to talk to my mum, and both ladies are both hard on hearing, and so it was like “hahaha!! I cannot hear you, am hard on hearing.” The crazily noisy atmosphere does not help too. There were 4 tables of “rowdy” guest who were toasting, and merry making. Kind of like free performance for the rest.

2 negative events struck me for that night about graciousness that I should remember not to commit, both revolved around ladies. Not that I am a sexist, but just stating for future trend analysis sake.

My MIL is on wheelchair, navigating the narrow restaurant (booked by my mum) was quite a challenge. 2 times I had to stop and request to make space politely, 2 times the ladies stared back at me like a pretty statue, “waddya want?” Of course I politely shifted the chairs, I got the wheel chair across, smiled back, Blessed New Year to them and move on. Am not sure, I think I would have gotten up to help shift the chairs for the old lady on wheel chair to pass, but that’s another story for another day.

What would be an ideal reunion gathering dinner?

  1. Commence the dinner with a prayer just like when our grandparents were around, thanking God for the food and the goodness of past year and the next.
  2. A dinner in a cosy home (as long is a home)
  3. A table with either home cooked or pot luck
  4. Not as noisy as the restaurant so a conversation may take place
    (The Dinner was like rush rush rush and boom! BYE. The restaurant was catering for 2 rounds of dinner at 9pm and 8pm)
  5. The younger children has the flexibility to move around the cosy home

Anyway, it was a good gathering. My father just reached home from overseas “Houston” for the reunion dinner and the Chinese New year. But he will be flying off on the Day 2 of CNY.


Isaac 14th Month Old, with Mel our good helper. She loves Isaac very much.


The usual “Yu Sheng” in Singapore. I was told this “tradition” does not exists in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan? Need to validate this. 😛 Oh yeah, the rowdy tables actually got onto the chairs and table to toss the yusheng as high as possible. Wonder why they did not bring along a ladder as well.


My parents and sister.


Samuel with his monkey face.


My Parent-in-law and us.


My Parents and us.


Our 2 helpers with the kids, 1 (Lynn) for our mother in law who suffered a fall, and a fractured hip bone, with very limited movement ability now. Mel is our good helper with kids, she love them very much.


Samuel and “姑姑”


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